Meet One G

Hello, my name is Georgia, I'm 29, a wife, and a new mother of one. I've always dreamt of being a full-time housewife--cooking for my family, spending time with my daughter--it's easy to say that my dream has come true. I have a home-based baking and catering business that's been running for three years now, and I also write a column for a fitness magazine on the side. In between those and my household duties, I partner with my husband (the other "G") in whatever project he has for his line of work...or I go shopping...or I go online. 

I put up this blog/selling site because I love to shop for my house. Unfortunately, not everything that catches my fancy actually matches or fits our modern mediterranean abode and lifestyle. Goodbye kitschy accessories, so long shabby chic lace tablecloths, and farewell funny stainless steel hook that only works as a banana hanger. As much as I want all this stuff in my house, in my real world, I don't have the budget or counter space. Or a husband who will appreciate them. 

As you will see, I have a few pieces that have been collecting dust in our bodega since I married, never seeing the light of day that they obviously deserve. These items I have loved very much and, although difficult to part with, I must let go to make room for the walker my daughter has outgrown or the crib she never sleeps in. Others are wonderful items I find while on my shopping trips, and cannot go home without that I want to share with you.

Thank you for dropping by and hope you enjoy shopping with me.

Love, G.