July 19, 2011

LANDMARK (Trinoma): My Happy Place, Part 1

There's nothing I don't love about Landmark-Trinoma. I love the supermarket which I will talk more about in a later post, I like the soundtracks they play on the speakers (sometimes standards, Broadway, Lady Gaga--very diverse), and the fact that, when I went looking for a pie pan in Gourdo's a few steps away, they didn't have any (that's weird), but I easily found one in Landmark's department store.

But what caught my eye today were the staff's outfits. In the past holidays, they've dressed according to theme, like last Christmas, they were in Nutcracker soldier outfits that were FAR better than a passing Santa hat.

Since last month, though, they've done this:

Why, it's a Michael Jackson tribute!

Whoever thought of this theme for a normally boring, in-between-holidays stretch is either brilliant or very bored.

I like to think the former. 

It ain't too much. Uh-Ow!

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