August 3, 2011

Cupboard Clean-Up (Bowls for Sale)

{Backstory: When our wedding date was near, G and I decided to buy a complete set of dinnerware instead of listing them in the registry. You know when you move in to a new house and you dream about all the parties you'll host at home for your friends? That hardly ever happened in the past 3.5 years we've been married and living here, even less so now that A has arrived. }

Even though I'm nursing a sore throat and mild cold/cough today, I decided to raid our kitchen cabinets and clear out the dinnerware we've never used. We like a fully-stocked kitchen (don't we all?), but ours was just overflowing with items we bought for ourselves, hand-me-downs, and couple gifts. 

Although, I'm still keeping many of what was in there, look what I found! These have never been used! Why we have so many of these, I will never understand (and I don't want to), so I'm putting them up for sale. We bought them at Gourdo's, but my price point is lower than their actual retail price. 

"Multi-purpose" is the operative word for any practical home-maker. Imagine all the lovely dishes you can serve in these pristine, porcelain bowls that can be used for soups, salads, and dessert!
9" (brand new)

Php 260.00 for all four 
(What a deal. Personally, I really like these bowls, they can be used to serve ulam.)

Whoever said rice was not good for the health never had rice served to them in these bowls (with lid). Atkins shmatkins! I'm Asian, serve me my rice in a bowl!

Php 280.00 for all four
(brand new)

Email me at for details. Available for delivery.

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