October 19, 2011

Another Macaron Tower Post

Just need to put this up somewhere.

I know I just did a macaron tower story a few posts back, but this I just need to share. I "met" Raissa via email when she sent me a message inquiring about my macaron tower for her wedding in October. I didn't hear from her after my reply, but about a week later, her fiance, Rich, contacted me. I think he was assigned to take care of the cake, because he, too, met with me to finalize the tower they wanted for their wedding.

Pewter. Salmon. Cream. Pink. 3 feet. 300 macarons. Edible cake base. Wow.

The couple's color peg.

This was going to be my biggest tower to date. I've done modest-sized towers for weddings in the past, usually as an addition to the dessert buffet, but this one was the wedding cake. The center of attention. Immediately after meeting with Rich, I went into working on the materials. Unlike traditional wedding cakes, I assemble my macaron towers no more than 24 hours before the event, otherwise, the macarons would be crumbly, dry, tasteless, yucky. 

Satin-covered pedestal

Tower topper.

The week of the wedding was probably the worst/best of my year. It was G's birthday, and he hadn't hung out with his friends since forever so I decided to invite a bunch of them the night before the wedding 

{So, of course, when you have a bunch of guys at the house and they see the half-made tower at the breakfast table, they cannot help but pretend to ruin it/eat it/slice it. I almost got a heart attack.}

Two days before that, my mom wanted to celebrate his and my sister's birthday at her house in Paranaque, then the day after the wedding was the celebration with his side of the family! That meant I needed to prepare 3 celebrations. I.Wanted.To.Die.

So the afternoon the day before the wedding, I started assembling the tower. I decided to complete half the tower at home, then finish it off at the venue which happened to be in Tagaytay. During the whole 2 hour transit from Quezon City to Highlands, I was in constant prayer that everything would hold together. When we got there, this greeted me.

Gale-force winds, baby. Courtesy of "Pedring".

I finished the tower and held my breath hoping the typhoon wouldn't topple it. Ah, it was a sight to behold, though!

Personally, I loved the couple's pewter motif. I wanted that in my wedding, but back then, I was such a pushover that I caved when my coordinator suggested brown (!!). Damn. 

What also caught my eye were these silver shells with blossoms you'll see at the bottom of this photo. I am liking the flowers a lot.

Anyway, back to the tower. Here it is!

Eat it and weep.


  1. Love the color combination! A blessed Christmas to you and your family! Patsy from

  2. Beautiful! I'm in awe!