July 16, 2011

Children's Bathroom

Our architect was right. We didn't need to tile our whole bathroom. Unlike many houses built pre-millenium, he suggested not to tile the walls from top to bottom since, outside of the shower enclosure, water won't really splatter on them, and it would save a lot on the budget. But what we did end up with were boring white walls. During my nesting period in my 3rd trimester, G was also going through the same, and was inspired by the talented artists behind WeWillDoodle to create his own graffiti on what would be A's bathroom.

I suggested the "Under the Sea" theme so he wouldn't run out of creatures and details to include in his artwork (he had three walls to cover!), and we could teach A about different sea animals as she grew older.

Isn't it so cute?

Detailed view:

I love how he made the creatures his own by adding character to them: some are sleepy, drunk, happy, confused, scared, bored, lost, etc. giving us lots of things to look at while we're...um...washing our hands.


  1. Thanks, Trisha! Btw, his medium was just permanent marker. Couldn't be any easier. :)