July 16, 2011

Wooden Storage Boxes

Before our daughter was born, the nursery was almost empty save for the crib, a table, a playpen, a few baby necessities, and an extra bed to fill in the space. Being new parents, we didn't really know what to purchase for our little bundle until she actually came along. In the first few weeks at home, A's things multiplied, and, suddenly, we ran out of places to put them in. Her closet was full of clothes from Mamita and her shelves were in disarray. I asked G to make a few storage boxes made of retaso wood he had at his workshop to put A's stuff in, and after a few days, he whipped these up!

I honestly wasn't expecting such good looking storage boxes, I mean, they're just storage boxes and even my mom happily said, "Wow, those will last a lifetime." Not only are they heavy-duty, they fit right on top of the table (which he made also, by the way) and keeps things in good order. Though I specifically requested no pink, I think this shade is pink, more like old rose, is really pretty. 

Baby must-haves: cotton balls, diaper cream, natural sunblock, and petroleum jelly.


  1. I've always said that I'd love a husband who can cook. Ater reading your posts though, I think one who can make furniture is better! Haha!

  2. Both is better! Haha! Ok din kung marunong maglinis at magplantsa!:p