July 14, 2011

Creating a Photo Wall: Picture Frames Galore

I don't know about you, but, for many, picture frames as gifts have been downgraded to the level of coffee mugs that are usually given to officemates or distant relatives. But even if they've been demoted to its lowly status, I luurve receiving photo frames for a project I've been putting off for years: a photo wall.

This is the view from our bedroom door.

Pretty bleak, huh? Since this door opens to the hall of our second floor, it was always meant to be the "family wall" to hang personal photos, but we had just never gotten around to it. Now that our daughter has come along and so many wonderful memories have been made with her, G and I thought it would be the best time to start on it.

In our spare room/home gym we already have a photo wall with a sports (and sportscaster, hehe) theme. I am not too happy with the outcome of this one because the frames are misaligned. The guy we asked to mount it didn't understand the idea of frame groupings, I guess. Also, looking at it more, the uniform black frames are kind of boring.

Upon the prodding of G, I finally started on the photo wall with a better concept. Here are my tips!

1. Collect frames. No matter the size, material, color, or shape, an array of frames will add more character to the wall giving it a homey feel. I don't like the match-y match-y type of photo wall for personal purposes like the one you will see here from the Picture Wall Company. But that's just me.

2. Print your photos. Any ones you want and place them in the frames.

3. Trace your frames on paper (use scratch paper, newspaper, or any other paper that is easy to tear). I used extra parchment paper from my baking stuff.

4. Cut out the outlines and you'll end up with a bunch of paper shaped in squares, rectangles, ovals, and circles.

5. Fold the paper in half to find the center line.

6. Measure the distance from your frame hanger or string to the top edge of the frame. Plot this distance on the center line of the paper and mark with an "x". This marks where your nail or hook will be hammered. If your frame doesn't have a hanger, you'll have to attach these things that you can buy at the hardware store, and string some nylon through them (make sure it's taught).

7. Using tape, stick the paper shapes to the wall and arrange as you wish. I find it best to use "magic tape", it comes off easily and won't damage your paint. Separate the frames uniformly. I kept a 2" distance between frames (or at least I tried).

8. Use a level (or, in my case, a long DMC thread tied to our house key as weight) to make sure the nail markers form a straight vertical line.

9. Hammer in the nails on your markers and tear off paper.

10. Hang your photos and enjoy! By the way, those beautiful silver box frames are custom-made by my sister, Kimi, who owns Yellow Door Gallery.

Much better, isn't it?


  1. hi george =) fellow archer here. nice photo wall. your home seems really homey! try to check out blonde fish, its a new biz with my friend whos also an archer. i think it might match your home. =) http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.206354916063016.54663.205561409475700

  2. Thanks, Rica! I saw your FB page, looks really cool! Will contact you soon for that. I think it's a great idea!

  3. Cool! I've added your blog to my new must reads. =) It's nice to see how you're doing since I was also in DLSU when you were reporting. Haha =) Thankie! =)

  4. Hi George :)
    I clicked on the link for Yellow Door Gallery but it's a dead link. How may I contact Kimi regarding frame orders?


  5. Hi Owee! You can contact Kimi at 09178225673:) what frames are you interested in?